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About Ark.net.au

About Ark.net.au Ark.net.au is a brand new site as of 17 July 2021. On 18 July, I put on some pages of animals — since you can't have an ark without animals, obviously. So far there...

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Books to Help Quit Drinking - Ark.net.au

Books to Help Quit Drinking

Here's a selection of books to help to quit drinking, or to slow down on drinking. I'll write up better explanations as I get time... The first one is the one that helped me the...

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How and Why I Quit Drinking - Ark.net.au

How and Why I Quit Drinking

Since I have enough experience (and success) with this topic to easily write a whole book about it, or even a series of books, this first web page about how to quit drinking is going...

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