Selectable Bible Chapter Greek and Hebrew Quiz -

Selectable Bible Chapter Greek and Hebrew Quiz

Pick any chapter of the Bible and you can quiz the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament words in that chapter....

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Walk-Through Bible Verse Greek and Hebrew Quiz -

Walk-Through Bible Verse Greek and Hebrew Quiz

This quiz allows you to step through a whole bible verse of your choice, one word at a time. Or you can order the words randomly....

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Strong's Biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic Lexicon -

Strong's Biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic Lexicon

Search for any word in the Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic lexicon (which is a fancy word for dictionary) to see information about the word. Some of the information is displayed in an interactive pie chart...

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Biblical Hebrew Word Quiz -

Biblical Hebrew Word Quiz

Which Hebrew words correctly answer these ten questions randomly selected from the most popular 15 to 8,678 biblical Hebrew word definitions? The quiz is much easier with the transliteration turned on, which shows how the...

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About -


About is a brand new site as of 17 July 2021. On 18 July, I put on some pages of animals — since you can't have an ark without animals, obviously. So far there...

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Bilby -


Bilbies are nocturnal and live in long, deep burrows during the daytime....

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Silver Scat -

Silver Scat


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Brush-Footed Trapdoor Spider -

Brush-Footed Trapdoor Spider


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Common Wombat -

Common Wombat

Common wombats look cute, cuddly and friendly but they are solitary and agressive. Mainly nocturnal. They live in burrows which can be up to 30 metres long and have several entrances. They can run at...

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Black & White Butterflyfish -

Black & White Butterflyfish

As is indicated by its common name, the schooling bannerfish lives in large groups. It feeds on zooplankton in the open water, and juveniles may act as cleaner fish. I think the one pictured here...

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Stripey -


The stripey has a deep, compressed body which has a rounded back, it has a distinctive pattern of oblique black and yellow, sometimes white, stripes. The stripes extend onto the dorsal and anal fins, and...

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Giant Water Spider -

Giant Water Spider

As their name implies, they are very good swimmers. They are one of Australia's largest spiders in terms of legspan. They are harmless to people....

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Eastern Mouse Spider -

Eastern Mouse Spider

Eastern Mouse Spiders are smaller but look even more stockily built than funnel webs and trapdoor spiders. They look like the spider equivalent of the short guy who spends hours a day in the gym....

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Huntsman Spider -

Huntsman Spider

A great many Isopeda species are found all over Australia. ...

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Sydney Funnel Web Spider -

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Atrax robustus is mainly active at night, they like damp and could become dehydrated in the daytime. They have eight eyes. ...

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Green and Golden Bell Frog -

Green and Golden Bell Frog

The Green and Golden Bell Frog is a ground-dwelling "tree frog" native to eastern Australia. Despite its classification (as a tree frog) and climbing abilities, it does not live in trees. It spends almost all...

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